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Cingerine Digital Signage

The Cingerine Digital Signage System is a fully integrated, flexible, highly scalable solution, targeted for big Digital Signage deployments.

Our Vision

Digital Signage is NOT the art of wall decoration. Digital Signage is advertising, Digital Signage is information, Digital Signage is Entertainment!

About Us

IMACULIX has many years of experience as a Swiss multi-media production company for cinema, TV, arts and events. As a full-service provider, we offer the whole chain from initial conception up to playout on location.

Yes, we've dragged those bulky video players and huge projectors to road shows and live events in the Nineties. Our backs are still aching. At its heart, we've worked on Digital Signage projects even before the phrase was coined.

Fast forward a decade — big screens and dedicated Digital Signage players have become affordable and a new industry is born. We've worked on many projects, we've followed the trade through all of its transformations and we've formed our opinion on its products.

In 2012/2013 we had many talks with customers about their requirements, their difficulties in ongoing projects and our ideas on how Digital Signage really ought to work.

Finally, in 2013, we've decided to release our brainchild under its own brand, the Cingerine Digital Signage System. A bit late to the party? Maybe. But we can only learn from the failures of others. And we're here to stay.

Our initial focus is on big Digital Signage deployments which require a high integration of live information into a rich and dynamic customer experience.

IMACULIX is rooted in the Swiss media and cinema business. This is where our initial customers and most of the presented images come from. More references will be added soon.

We're steadily expanding our portfolio and we're open to partnerships. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you're interested.

DS508 Digital Signage Player

Our initial offering and long-time top-seller is the DS508 Digital Signage Player: it offers a maximum of features in a compact package at a competitive price point.

This item has been DISCONTINUED — please check out our new players.


  • Standalone Multi-Media Player, designed for 24/7 operation
  • Sealed, tamper-proof operating system for content security
  • Interactive layouts with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (WebKit)
  • Full HD video playout: 1920x1080p@24/30 (60Hz) or 1920x1080p@25 (50Hz)
  • Stereo or 5.1 surround audio
  • Auto-recovery from power failures, auto-power-on, hardware watchdog
  • Power-efficient design, typ. 2W - 4W, max. 10W

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 98mm x 98mm x 25mm
  • 8GB Internal Flash Memory (7GB for content)
  • 1x SD-Card slot up to 32GB (SD‑Card not included)
  • 1x Ethernet RJ45 10/100 MBit/s
  • 2x USB 2.0 Host Mode
  • 1x HDMI 1.4a, 1920x1080p 60Hz, HDMI stereo or 5.1 audio
  • 1x Optical S/PDIF Output, stereo or 5.1 audio
  • 1x Power connector 5V DC
  • 1x Power supply, AC 240V Euro-plug, DC 5V/2A
  • No fan, no moving parts
  • Bulk packaging for corporate customers, no extra cabling included, documentation available online only

Pricing and Fees


DS616 Digital Signage Player

Our second-generation offering is the DS616 Digital Signage Player: 4K playout and enhanced features with cost-effective licensing options.


  • Standalone Multi-Media Player, designed for 24/7 operation
  • Sealed, tamper-proof operating system for content security
  • Interactive layouts with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (WebKit)
  • Full HD (2K) video playout: 1920x1080p@24-60
  • Ultra HD (4K) video playout: 3840x2160p@24/25/30
  • Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 surround audio
  • Auto-recovery from power failures, auto-power-on, hardware watchdog
  • Power-efficient design, typ. 2W - 5W, max. 12W

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 115mm x 115mm x 22mm
  • 16GB Internal Flash Memory (14.5GB for content)
  • 1x µSD-Card slot up to 256GB (SD‑Card not included)
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000 MBit/s
  • 3x USB 2.0 Host Mode
  • 1x HDMI 1.4b, 1920x1080p 60Hz, 3840x2160p 30Hz, HDMI stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 audio
  • 1x Optical S/PDIF Output, stereo or 5.1 audio
  • 1x Power connector 5V DC
  • 1x Power supply, AC 240V Euro-plug, DC 5V/2.5A
  • No fan, no moving parts
  • Bulk packaging for corporate customers, no extra cabling included, documentation available online only

Licensing Options

  • 4K option
  • DS616C: Cinema integration (DCS)
  • DS616C: Cinema 3D option

Pricing and Fees

  • DS616 Unit + Power supply:
    • 100+ Units: ASK
    • 500+ Units: ASK
  • Setup fees, monthly fees: ASK

Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Continuously extending our portfolio of playout devices, we've ported the Cingerine Digital Signage system to the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP).

The SSSP is a software component in Samsung professional screens. It's an open platform suitable for Digital Signage applications. The SSSP allows Digital Signage deployments without the need for an external player.


  • Cingerine App for the integrated SSSP:
    • Samsung F series displays and onwards (SSSP4, Tizen)
    • Samsung E series displays (SSSP3), some restrictions apply
  • Interactive layouts with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (WebKit)
  • Full HD (2K) video playout: 1920x1080p
  • Ultra HD screens: 4K video playout: 3840x2160p
  • Stereo audio
  • Standalone solution, no separate playout device required

Licensing Options

  • 4K option
  • Screen Control module

Pricing and Fees

  • Cingerine license for SSSP: ASK

Complete Design Flexibility

If you've been in the business for a while, you've certainly experienced the web revolution: from flimsy web pages with tiny images up to the rich user experience that modern HTML5 and CSS designs offer.

But then … it seems the Digital Signage industry has completely missed the boat: sticking to their proprietary stack, promoting standards that nobody except themselves uses, praising their own technological obsolescence.

Oh, yes, some vendors nowadays offer an 'HTML option'. But upon closer examination, you'll notice it's only tacked on as an afterthought: incomplete, inflexible, irrelevant — it's a sad story.

Our Solution

In stark contrast to that, the Cingerine Digital Signage System has been designed from the ground up, based on a modern HTML stack.

No proprietary layout languages, no proprietary scripting languages. No design compromises, no feature compromises, no more dull slide shows!

You get full access to all of the design features you ever wanted from a Digital Signage solution!


  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (WebKit standard).
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS animations and transitions.
  • Alpha-blended HTML overlays on top of HD video.
  • Full support for all landscape & portrait screen rotations.
  • No degraded features/performance in portrait mode.
  • No need to rotate videos for portrait mode.
  • All popular image & video formats supported for import.
  • Images and Videos are pre-processed, scaled and converted server-side for optimal playout.
  • Dynamic layouts for data visualization.
  • Live layouts display changes immediately.
  • Interactive layouts integrate input/output devices.

High Scalability

The Cingerine Digital Signage System is intended for big Digital Signage deployments. Or even huge ones — you've got thousands or tens of thousands of screens in hundreds of locations? No problem!

The whole system has been designed with High Scalability in mind. Starting with the playout software on each device up to the highly distributed system architecture. All components can scale up to your needs — the only limit is your budget.

The Problem

Managing such a large deployment is like herding cats: many screens show similar content, but none are alike. Content may depend on the location of the screen in the premises, on the geographic location, local advertisers, local language, local schedule, local weather, phase of the moon …

Make no mistake, requirements WILL grow as the deployment grows. A Digital Signage system MUST be prepared to efficiently manage the complexity, or the project (and your career) will grind to a halt.

Most conventional Digital Signage systems simply cannot cope with many thousands of screens showing varied content:

  • Update content via USB sticks? Forget it!
  • Create content for each screen manually? Hopeless!
  • No automated content import? Huge time sink!
  • Play HTML and video content over the network? Unreliable!
  • No incremental content updates via network? Will never finish!
  • A flat list of networked players? Unmanageable!
  • A dozen clicks for each screen on every change? You gotta be kidding, right!?

The Solution

The Cingerine Digital Signage System is centrally controlled, but massively distributed at many levels:

Playout devices have their own local storage of content and playout logic and can operate independently. Playout devices are grouped into realms and can be remotely controlled by a geographically distributed set of servers.

Realms and playout devices have attributes that influence layouts, playlists and content selection. Content and data importers feed into the content databases and trigger dependency resolution, content transformation and content distribution.

Realms and playout devices can be managed independently or in groups. Attributes allow managing cross-cutting concerns, e.g. special event signage.

Technical assignment to servers, administrative grouping of realms and management of playout groups are all independent concerns.

Data Visualization

Many companies have a dark secret, that rarely comes to light: rich sources of data, buried in seemingly endless database columns, fiercly guarded in deep cellars. Spooky, huh?

Now, seriously, can you imagine what a treasure trove this is for your Digital Signage installation? Umm, no, we're not talking about putting up a dull spreadsheet in a loop on a screen. We're talking about the art of Data Visualization!

Dynamic Insights

At its essence, Data Visualization brings light into a sea of boring numbers. The goal is to provide visual insights into complex data sets. Of course, the main purpose is to convey information, but visualizations may as well be simply entertaining.

On our web page, we show screenshots and photos of actual layouts used at customer sites, displaying real data. This is NOT pre-generated material — all of the data, images and videos are merged together in realtime with Dynamic Layouts, running on our playout devices.

The Challenge

Maybe you've done this before: export database to Excel, clean up the numbers, move them around, create a graph, export to image, get the scaling wrong, export again, import image into signage software, modify playlist, deploy, notice you exported the wrong data set, go back to step one, repeat every day, ad infinitum … Nope, this can't be the solution!

As another data point, if there's one thing we've learned while working in the cinema business — managing and visualizing cinema data is a tough challenge: release dates slip, artworks and trailers are updated or retracted, movie titles can change, schedules change often, halls may change, too.

Multiply that with a variety of short-lived information assets that need to be tracked for every language, that come from a dozen suppliers in different formats … and rarely arrive on time. Phew!

There's just no way you can keep track of that manually and do a live update of your Digital Signage installation, too. There must be a better way!

Data-Driven Digital Signage

At the heart of the Cingerine Digital Signage System is a data management engine that automatically imports, converts, mixes & matches heterogeneous data elements, guiding them from their sources to their intended destinations. Basically, anything from numbers & texts up to images & videos can be managed.

The idea is to enter data once, in one place only, e.g. into one of your existing databases. Automatic importers convert and curate the data on-the-fly, before merging it into the Digital Signage database. Then declare data dependencies and required formats for every layout that displays this data. The rest is fully automatic!

Ok, ok … admittedly it's not that simple in practice! But the key challenges shift to having a solid import interface, dealing with data sources of diverse quality, designing layouts that degrade gracefully, and so on. I.e. basic engineering and QA tasks. Nothing new or surprising, if you've already dealt with big IT installations.

The big time saver is the automatic reverse dependency resolution offered by the Cingerine Digital Signage System: change a piece of data at the source, let the change automatically find its way through the system and see all of the screens display the new data in visually pleasing ways. No human interaction needed, anymore!

Live Information

A growing number of Digital Signage applications requires the display of Live Information: schedules, durations, availability information, news feeds, dynamic pricing, and many more. Some of these are rapidly changing and need to be accurately updated in near real-time.

Not So Simple

Although many Digital Signage vendors promise to support 'live updates', these are often just brittle solutions wrapped around RSS feeds. You'll find out the hard way, this just doesn't cut it if you need more than a simple news feed:

  • You don't want to see a tiny number flip on a screen when a ticket has been sold — you want a dynamic display that changes colors or even suggests alternatives, depending on the number of remaining seats.
  • You don't want to edit every playlist by hand when a show has been replaced by another one or moved to a different hall — you want all displays and all layouts to immediately reflect the change, showing the new titles, artworks and show times.

Live Data

The real challenge is to import, distribute and process Live Data in an efficient and flexible manner. The Cingerine Digital Signage system decouples these aspects:

  • Import modules consume either (active) data feeds or poll (passive) services or databases.
  • Incoming data is pre-processed server-side and augmented with related data, like images.
  • Our Content Distribution Network (CDN) has a fast lane that allows distributing small information pieces to many playout units in milliseconds.
  • Data is post-processed at each playout unit to immediately display the changes in each Live Layout.

The modular and distributed architecture is flexible enough to handle all kinds of live updates. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have something specific in mind.

Live and Alive

In many business areas, there's nothing worse than showing outdated or wrong information. Yet, one doesn't want to show a blank screen every time the network is down for a moment.

Our system tags all data with its 'liveness' — any kind of information is only displayed if it's still considered to be valid and accurate:

  • No stale data: seat counts fade out when the ticket system is unavailable for more than a couple minutes.
  • Live layouts degrade gracefully: show times are still displayed, since they don't change that often.
  • Fast recovery: updates are quickly pushed out to all playout units when everything is back to normal.

Interactive Signage

Everyone in marketing knows that active user involvement is key to brand recognition and lead generation. Sadly, this basic insight is widely ignored in today's Digital Signage industry.

Customers are already overloaded with digital information wherever they go. Do you really, seriously think a dull slide show that repeats every two minutes catches anyone's attention anymore?

Interactive Signage to the rescue! Involve your users, give them a choice, let them select what they're interested in, let them play, let them interact! There's no better reward than seeing a crowd gather in front of your screens, everyone eager to have a go.

Input & Output Devices

You can attach a wide variety of input devices to our Cingerine Digital Signage Players:

  • Touch screens, single- and multi-touch
  • Buttons, keyboards, mice, trackballs
  • Cameras, motion and proximity sensors
  • Environmental sensors of all kinds
  • Barcode scanners, NFC readers
  • RS232-attached devices
  • etc.

Apart from video and audio, you can also give feedback to users with various output devices:

  • LCD screens, customer-facing displays
  • LED strips, LED arrays
  • Printers, POS printers, cash drawers
  • Dispensers and actuators of all kinds
  • etc.

This is only a list of the most common devices we've integrated. Basically, we can interface with almost anything that has a USB or network connection — feel free to ask, if you're unsure.

Scripted Interactivity

Have you struggled with simplistic playlist solutions, that can only react to simple triggers? Antique graphic editors, that make too many assumptions and offer too little flexibility in practice? Sounds familiar?

We bet you'll be happy to hear that the Cingerine Digital Signage System gives you full access to all modern HTML5 and JavaScript features (WebKit standard). No proprietary scripting language to learn!

Make your application interactive by using the provided JavaScript APIs for input/output devices. Tap into the wealth of existing JavaScript libraries. Leverage your existing knowledge of the web. Unleash your creativity!

Networked Interactivity

Ok, so touch screens provide the most intuitive user interface. Yet, they are incredibly expensive in large formats and surely you don't want smears all over your 85" screen?

Multiple Cingerine Digital Signage players can work together as a group. There's no pre-programmed logic; scripts can exchange messages between players as needed to achieve the desired level of interactivity.

Let users interact with a little tablet-sized screen and see the results on the big screen. Touch one screen and see the others switch their content synchronously. Let users play against each other from different places. The only limit is your imagination!

Multilingual & International

Being a company of Swiss origin, we have one key competitive advantage: we speak several official languages and our country is proud of its regional and cultural diversity.

We know what it means to build multilingual applications for an international audience.

Multilingual & Multicultural

Locals are often embarrased when seeing the results of half-hearted attempts at translating or localizing content by multi-national companies. It takes both regional expertise and a feel for the cultural differences to fully understand the issues at hand.

It's the little things that count, e.g. did you know that the number '70' is spelled 'septante' in some French-speaking regions, whereas it's 'soixante-dix' in most others?

Or do you know the local conventions for abbreviating the language of a movie in France, in the Romandie, the Deutsch­schweiz, or in Germany? They are all different!

International Standards

The Cingerine Digital Signage System is built from the ground up with support for multiple languages and regional variations:

  • All textual database content is tagged with a language and/or a region or country.
  • All imported data is normalized to use standard representations throughout.
  • All layouts 'know' in which language and region they are played out and adapt their presentation accordingly.

We exclusively use widely accepted international standards:

  • Unicode and UTF-8 for textual data
  • ISO 639 language codes
  • ISO 3166 country codes
  • ISO 8601 time and date formats
  • POSIX time stamps

Content Creation Services

We sincerely believe that Digital Signage deployments without a regular influx of new content are a waste of money. If you want some fixed wall decoration, please get an art print at IKEA.

Your customers will quickly get bored from watching the same content playing over and over for months or even years. The net effect is probably worse than a white wall, because it conveys the impression of a fading business. Nope, you don't want that.

As a rule, we raise this point on the first meeting in all of our Digital Signage projects. We always offer a complete package, we don't leave you alone with just a bunch of playout devices.

Our Services

Due to our long history as a multi-media production company, we can offer a wide range of content creation services:

  • 2D/3D Motion Graphics, Animated Logos
  • Motion Billboards aka Living One Sheets
  • Ad Campaigns, Movie Campaigns, Concession Promotions
  • VFX for 2D/3D Movies, Movie Title & Credits
  • Movie & Trailer Localization
  • Trailer Production and Post-Production
  • Distributor Show Reels
  • Interactive and Augmented Content
  • DCP Mastering, Cinema Format Conversions
  • Trade Show & Event Installations
  • Art Installations, Art Presentations

Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Our References

Please have a look at the IMACULIX home page for a partial list of our recent projects.

We're unable to present all of the projects we've completed in the past years, mainly due to licensing restrictions or confidentiality agreements.

We'll gladly put you into contact, if you need references for specific business areas.

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