Cingerine 4.0 Debuts RRR Reactive Real-Time Rendering

Emerging Retail Media Networks are challenging the Digital Signage industry with unique demands: programmatic advertising, data-driven campaigns, real-time targeting and real-time analytics.

Most market participants are caught off guard as not only their CMS, but also their Playout Engines stagnate. Mainly based on embedded browsers, they struggle to keep up. And, sad as it is, some are still stuck on their transition from Flash (1996) to HTML5 (2008). People, wake up, it's 2024!

CINGERINE is now moving ahead with its Cingerine 4.0 Secure Digital Signage OS:

Cingerine 4.0 features next generation technology Reactive Real-Time Rendering (RRR). Drawing inspiration from state-of-the-art video game engines, its RRR engine is destined to supersede the ageing browser stack.

RRR boasts unrivaled response times in the millisecond range, crucial for real-time targeting based on sensors. RRR enables frame-accurate playout of a mix of images, videos and structured and dynamic content. All this without compromising design flexibility.

Cingerine 4.0 inherits the goal-driven and modular playout controllers from Cingerine 3.0. This puts an end to simplistic loop-based playout, still common in legacy signage systems.

Taken together, Cingerine 4.0 bundles a powerful mix of innovations that will drive the Digital Signage industry forward.

CINGERINE DS816 will be the first playout device to be launched with Cingerine 4.0 in 2024.

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