Deep SoC Integration

The market for Digital Signage Screens with SoC (System-on-Chip) software is a sad state of affairs. It's highly fragmented and plagued by incompatibilities and short life cycles. CMS vendors have to settle on the lowest-common denominator and still publish lengthy certification lists. Costly cross-SoC software layers can only conceal the shortcomings.

CINGERINE has launched a new initiative to overcome these difficulties. The CINGERINE Deep SoC Integration installs an isolated enclave on the SoC, purpose-built for Digital Signage.

The enclave runs Cingerine 4.0, a Secure Digital Signage Operating System. The minimized OS has an up to 300x times smaller footprint than traditional SoC platforms (Android, Tizen, WebOS and others).

Cingerine 4.0 is the first Digital Signage OS ready for the proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). It features a highly modular architecture, continuous unattended upgrades and a secure-by-default design.

The strict separation of the Digital Signage functionality guarantees a high level of cross-manufacturer compatibility. Network operators can safely buy screens certified for CINGERINE Deep SoC Integration, knowing all of their content will show exactly as booked.

CINGERINE is currently actively working together with display manufacturers on its Deep SoC Integration initiative.

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