Case Studies Capitalizes on CMS Multi-Tenancy operates a network of CINGERINE Smart Signage screens in shopping centers and markets across Switzerland.

These centers have numerous tenants, who would like to advertise on these screens. Traditionally, this has been a problem for advertising networks, due to the high management overhead.

The multi-tenancy feature of CINGERINE CMS opens up new business models for advertising networks. embraces our technology to offer self-service campaign booking for tenants.

Tenants get restricted access to the CMS to manage their own campaigns. Strict asset format checks and enforced playout quotas guarantee that every tentant gets their fair share. The CINGERINE Quality Mangement workflow ensures the network operator has the last word on what gets shown on their screens.

Marc Steiner, CEO of "The CINGERINE multi-tenancy feature makes it a blast to onboard advertisers! This will strengthen our local presence even more."


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