Case Studies

Swiss Retailer Benefits From Green Signage

In early 2024 one of our customers completed their transition to the CINGERINE Digital Signage System for their Swiss network of retail stores.

The deployed Cingerine DS716 Digital Signage player consumes less than 2.5 Watts on average, even when playing 4K content. Its tiny dimensions compared to the legacy signage installation reduces clutter and frees up critical in-store space.

The CINGERINE Screen Control feature offers precise scheduling and planning of screen on/off times. And the CINGERINE CMS multi-tenancy feature allows self-service administration by store managers. Due to the tighter control, energy consumption will be further optimized.

Compared to the legacy signage installation, the CINGERINE Digital Signage installation is estimated to save at least 100 megawatt-hours per year for their whole retail media network.

With the rising electricity prices in Switzerland this translates to annual savings of 30,000 to 40,000 Swiss Francs.

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