Case Studies

TopPharm Leverages Smart Signage

TopPharm is one of the biggest pharmacy & drug store chains in Switzerland with over 120 locations.

CINGERINE partnered with Advertima to integrate their sensor technology into the CINGERINE Smart Signage solution. The privacy-focused technology was key in TopPharm's decision to deploy it on its network of screens.

All sensor processing is done locally, no personally identifying information is sent to any cloud service. The playout devices use the CINGERINE Decision Engine for local playout decisions, based on live demographics.

Precise targeting allows the pharma industry to better reach their target audiences. Inventory space is not wasted on mismatched playouts. Since TopPharm inventory is traditionally overbooked, the now-free space converts immediately into more campaign sales.

TopPharm markets their network directly to pharma companies without an intermediary. The Smart Signage solution has increased interest of pharma multinationals and gives TopPharm additional leverage in negotiations.

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